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Winners: Matthew Stafford, Mark Sanchez, Jevan Snead, Brian Johnson, Mike Teel, Chase Clement

Losers: Graham Harrell, Zac Robinson, Chase Daniel, John Parker Wilson, Tom Brandstater, Cullen Harper, Dan LeFevour

A breakdown of each quarterback’s bowl performance and a verdict of how it will affect their draft stock…

Sam Bradford soph Oklahoma

Matthew Stafford junior Georgia
Stats: 20/31  250 yds  8.1 avg  3 td  1 int
Verdict: Rallied his team to three 2nd half scores. Good come from behind performance for him. Solidifies himself as a high first round selection.

Mark Sanchez soph USC
Stats: 28/35  413 yds  11.8 avg  4 td  0 int
Verdict: Of all the QB performances this bowl season, Sanchez’s might just be the best. With a nearly perfect game against a top defense, he has a case to be one of the top three QBs selected in the draft–if he comes out early.

Nate Davis jun Ball State
Stats: 9/29  145 yds  5.0 avg  0 td  1 int  35 rush yds
Verdict: Of all the QB prospects, he probably hurt his draft stock the most. He picked up where he left off in the MAC Championship by putting the ball on the turf multiple times. The weather was atrocious, but he wasn’t able to complete a single pass in the 2nd half. Ouch.

Colt McCoy junior Texas
Stats: 41/59  414 yds  7.0 avg  2 td  1 int
Verdict: With not much going in the running game, it was all on McCoy’s shoulders, and he came through. Against a top 10 defense he completed 69.5% of his passes–that’s impressive. His stock increased after this game. It will be interesting to see if he goes back on his word to stay at Texas.

Jevan Snead soph Ole Miss
Stats: 18/29  292 yds  10.1 avg  3 td  1 int
Verdict: Jumped up the board with a solid performance. Looks to be one of the top QBs selected next year. But would probably be a late 1st/early 2nd round pick if he came out this year.

Tim Tebow junior Florida

Graham Harrell senior Texas Tech
Stats: 36/58  364 yds  6.3 avg  4 td  2 int  43 rush yds
Verdict: Put up good numbers but had a couple crucial mistakes and couldn’t get the job done against an underrated Ole Miss team. This performance certainly didn’t help his stock much, but I don’t think it had a huge negative effect either. He’s proven himself on the field, the issues with him are his arm and TTU’s system.

Zac Robinson junior Oklahoma St.
Stats: 27/50  329 yds  6.6 avg  1 td  2 int  54 rush yds
Verdict: Not his best effort–barely completed 50% of his passes and threw two picks. I’d say this loss guarantees his return to OSU next year.

Chase Daniel senior Missouri
Stats: 27/44  200 yds  4.5 avg  2 td  3 int
Verdict: A poor performance by Daniel. In fact, it was one of his worst games ever. But he did come out with a win in the final game of his tremendous college career. Still, this game hurts his stock.

John Parker Wilson senior Alabama
Stats: 18/30  177 yds  5.9 avg  1 td  2 int
Verdict: Hurt his stock. I can’t see him getting drafted–he’s a game manager, but not even a great one at the college level–but stranger things have happened.

Tom Brandstater senior Fresno St.
Stats: 13/23  186 yds  8.1 avg  1 td  1 int
Verdict: Didn’t help his stock, especially with his team losing. At this point, his best friends are the combine and individual workouts where he can show off his cannon arm.

Drew Willy senior Buffalo
Stats: 29/43  213 yds  5.0 avg  0 td  1 int
Verdict: With no running game to speak of, it was all up to Willy, and he did… OK… considering how over matched his team was. His stock didn’t move much after this performance. But I continue to hear more and more about him. He’s got a good head on his shoulders which is vital to success in the NFL. He could sneak up the board with a good combine.

Brian Johnson senior Utah
Stats: 27/41  336 yds  8.2 avg  3 td  0 int
Verdict: Alabama coach Nick Saban said it himself, Johnson was the best QB they faced all season. He played a miraculous game against one of the best defenses in the country. I don’t think he has the arm to play in the NFL, but he’s smart and accurate. This game may lead him to a late round selection.

Chase Clement senior Rice
Stats: 30/44  307 yds  7.0 avg  3 td  0 int  72 rush yds
Verdict: He definitely wowed me in this game, playing nearly flawless. It won’t be his college performances that keep him from being drafted, it will be his lack of an NFL arm. Tremendous college Qb though.

David Johnson senior Tulsa
Stats: 15/25  193 yds  7.7 avg  3 td  0 int  76 rush yds
Verdict: Improved his stock immensely. Needed a good showing after a horrible game against ECU and got it against a struggling Ball State team. Outperforming Nate Davis should certainly help his draft stock.

Case Keenum senior Houston
Stats: 22/33  252 yds  7.6 avg  1 td  1 int
Verdict: Solid. Didn’t help, didn’t hurt. He’ll have to work on his arm strength over the next couple months. Possible late round pick at this point.

Max Hall junior BYU
Stats: 30/46  328 yds  7.1 avg  1 td  1 int
Verdict: Pretty good stats against a solid Arizona defense, except he fumbled twice. Three turnovers isn’t going to help him. He’ll be back for his senior year.

Mike Teel senior Rutgers
Stats: 22/37  319 yds  8.6 avg  2 td  1 int
Verdict: Pretty solid performance from Teel. Add this game to the last half of the season and he’s got some nice momentum rolling into the draft. It may help him sneak into the later rounds of the draft.

Cullen Harper senior Clemson
Stats: 17/37  206 yds  5.6 avg  2 td  2 int
Verdict: A mediocre end to a mediocre year. What was supposed to be a showcase year for Harper ended up being a disaster for his draft stock. He’s got the tools, so an NFL team will give him a shot, but it likely won’t be until the 2nd day of the draft.

Pat White senior West Virginia
Stats: 26/32  332 yds  10.4 avg  3 td  1 int  55 rush yds
Verdict: A fitting way for one of the greatest college football players to end his storied career. He’s not going to play QB in the NFL, but he could easily be the next Randel-El or Boldin to successfully transition to WR.

Dan LeFevour junior C. Michigan
Stats: 28/40  253 yds  6.3 avg  2 td  1 int  56 rush yds
Verdict: It wouldn’t be LeFevour if he didn’t also add 56 yards on the ground. But the fact of the matter is that he couldn’t lead his heavily favored team to a win in what was basically a home game for CMU. This game definitely hurt his already dropping draft stock. He should be back at Mount Pleasant next season.


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